Trip Index

India 2014

  1. Indian Visa Application Drama

    Wherein our hero must endure the comedy and tragedy of an insurmountable bureaucracy.

  2. The Quest for the Visa Continues

    This is how I earn my reputation as Alton, the Travel Cursed.

  3. Connections

    They say getting there is half the fun. This is the tale of the longest journey I’ve ever taken, with all of the encounters along the way.

  4. First Day in India

    The first impressions of Chennai, India, including various adventures.

  5. Searching for Tango in India

    First Indian road trip, looking for Tango in the unlikeliest of places, and enjoying the luxuries of an exotic resort.

  6. “Americans Are So Strong”: Adventures in the Indian Ocean

    Surfing, swimming, and otherwise frolicking and showing off amongst ancient ruins.

  7. “Food Tastes Better When You Eat it With Your Hands”

    The curry alone is reason enough to go to India.

  8. The Trouble with Rickshaws

    Just a regular day of going to work in India at the American International School, dealing with the transportation system, and checking out Saint Thomas Mount.

  9. Bicycles, Buses, and Fitting Eight People in a Rickshaw

    Riding a bike in the crazy streets of Chennai, discovering secret rickshaws, and the contrasts of the Phoenix Mall.

  10. The Madras Eye

    Eye infections causing changes of plans, plus assorted food adventures.

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