First Day in India

This is part 4 of the story of my trip to India in 2014. Go here if you want to start from the beginning.


I finally arrived last night, and today is my first day in India. Mónica and I sleep in late and enjoy a lazy morning at her place. It’s raining pretty hard when we get up, and I step out onto one of her four balconies to see my first view of the city in the daylight. Of course you can’t look anywhere in Chennai without seeing crows. Continue reading


This is the third part of the story of my first trip to India in 2014. Start here if you want to follow the whole thing from the beginning.

At this point, after many trials, delays, and changed plans, I finally have my Indian visa and have re-booked my flights. I just have to get up early on Tuesday morning to make my flight, and I will see Mónica in Chennai on Wednesday night.

Departure Day (Finally)
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The Quest for the Visa Continues


This is the second chapter in the story of my first trip to India in 2014. Start here to follow the story from the beginning. At this point in the story, I have had to cancel my original flights because my Indian visa wasn’t ready in time. Except that it actually was ready in time, but I wasn’t told that it was until too late, and the company holding my application has not mailed it back to me despite me pre-paying for a FedEx overnight return service. I am now trying to figure out the fastest way to get my passport and visa and fly out to India to be with Mónica before her vacation time there runs out.

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Indian Visa Application Drama


This is the first chapter in the story of my trip to India in October of 2014, and it’s a story just too crazy to not share. I have never been to India before, but mi amor Mónica has been living there since July and teaching Spanish at the American International School of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. I’ve been missing her very much and so plan to visit her during her Fall Break, which is the week of October 20th. This is also the week of Diwali in India, the Hindu holiday known as the Festival of Lights. Continue reading